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Whipped cream and strawberries are just the beginning.  Maple syrup and powdered sugar drizzled over your cock and balls will have me slurping you up ravenously and begging for more.  Smear frosting on my nipple and watch me lick it up with gusto. 

I love food and I love the look and feel of a zaftig, buxom woman and I'm actually in the process of trying to gain weight.  

My dream man is an FA (Fat Admirer) who is a feeder, someone for whom bigger is better. Tease me with my desire to gorge on sugar, carbs and delicious fat! 

You'll feel my tits blossom, my stomach distend, my ass broaden and your cock fatten as you fuck the woman that we want me to be.

Darla's Specialties Include:

Food Play
Foot and Leg Fetish
Hard Core Play
Strap-On Play

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