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I'm the largest woman here and, believe me, size does matter.  I want to play with boys who like big toys.  If you're the type who goes for the Super Size, then you're the one for me. 

When we're together, you'll inhale deeply and hold it for as long as you possibly can because once I park my porky posterior on you it's going to play hell with your respiration.  I want to feel you licking and sniffing my bouncy big ass while you grasp at my thunder thighs and kick your feet in make believe protest. 

With the right amount of begging and pleading, I'll allow quick snatches of breath here and there while pressing my big tits against the sides of your head. 

When I say I'll walk all over you,
it isn't just a figure of speech.

Ella's Specialties Include:

Smothering you in love
Trampling your inhibitions
Food Play
Forced Femme
Strap-On Play

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