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My friends call me a nympho, and they're right!  If we weren't supposed to have lots of sex why does it feel so damned good?  My pussy drips at the sight of an attractive man and I begin to think of all the filthy things we could do together.  I love to suck, fuck, take it in the ass, be your fantasy come to life. 

Role playing is great, you can become anyone you want to be and do everything you ever wanted without guilt.  Imagine getting that hot little cum-crazy college cheerleader and yanking her panties down so you can put the stones to her tender pussy.  How about that bitchy female boss?  Don't you just want to throw her over the desk and show her who the real boss is?  If you had a thing for an older woman growing up, I can make your fantasies feel like realities, and no one will ever know.

You dream up something and I'll take you there.  I'm a horny bitch and I want hard, loud, raunchy sex. 
You game?

Gigi's Specialties Include:

Super Slutty Behavior
Off-The-Wall Fetishes
Titty Fucking
Pearl Necklace Lover
Oral & Anal

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