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I have a lace bra and panty set laid out and waiting for you to try on so you can sashay around the room like a pussy-fag for my entertainment. Stand with your legs spread wide so I can slip thigh-high stockings over your freshly shaved legs. Sit like a proper lady, legs crossed and "breasts" thrust forward, while I doll you up like a $2.00 street whore.

You will be demure and coy, feminine to a fault, and be able to make any Teamster believe you're all girl when I'm through with you. I'll teach you to please those big, burly Teamsters by donning my strap-on and having you suck it until it caves in. Then you'll bend over and grab your ankles while I plow into your man-cunt.

Marcy's Specialties Include:

Panty Boys
Strap-On Play
Guided Masturbation
Body Worship
Sensual Domination

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