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Hello there! I'm Patsy and while I'm a newer woman here, but I'm not new to phone sex at all.
I know I'm not the typical "fantasy girl" but I know you're here reading this because you're not the typical man. I'm fat and you must be a fat admirer and in need of kinky SSBBW phone sex. I know it makes you hard looking at my big fat Triple D tits and my big fat ass.

I have silky smooth skin and I love to be touched and kissed and licked all over. I know you're fantasizing about sliding your cock into the folds of my belly too.

There is definitely something erotic about fucking and coming in my fat folds isn't there?
Now you know how I keep my skin so soft!

I never thought of my big belly as being particularly sexual, but when my first husband used to like to lie on the bed and have me kneel over him and bounce my belly over his face and then rest it right on his nose and mouth, I was incredibly turned on. He loved making love to my fat and I loved him for it.

After we divorced, I discovered a whole world of men who liked me to sit my fat ass right on their faces! I was a little nervous at first. After all, I weigh over 500lbs! But as soon as I lowered myself and could feel a man's lips and tongue in the deep crack of my ass or devouring the crevices of my huge vagina, I was in lust! I just rode his face and almost drowned him in my juices, I can't remember having an orgasm so strong. I hope you love the feeling of being under my weight and lapping up my juices as much as I do. My warm flesh will form the perfect seal over your mouth and nose while I ride your face and know your cock is throbbing and aching for my pussy, fat ass, tits and belly the entire time.

I'm hungry for our playtime possibilities. Call and ask for Patsy!

Patsy's Specialties Include:


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